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Seeds, Pastures and Fertiliser

Building resilient soil systems Farm Weekly – Editorial Excerpt BUILDING resilient soil systems with Super-Min allows farmers and nature to prosper in a changing climate. Farm trends come and go, but perhaps nothing has gathered momentum like the subject of soil health and climate change. Unlike most trends though, soil health has staying power. That’s […]

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Remineralise to Regenerate with Super-Min

The globally unique natural trace and beneficial mineral nutrient deposit at Ravensthorpe is the answer to soil nutrient needs. Farm Weekly – Editorial Excerpt Use the geological nutrient rich Super-Min®, at a low-cost base and locally available, for advancing agricultural development by building soil, rather than mining it, and avoiding the imbalance of nutrients.

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Increase Crop Yields and Pasture Growth

Farm Weekly – Editorial ExcerptThroughout history, civilisations have prospered or declined as a function of the availability and productivity of their soils.Micro-nutrients are required in very small amounts but are essential to plant health in that most are required parts of some enzyme system which speeds up plants’ metabolisms.The micro-nutrients essential for plant life in their […]

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SUPERMIN® is now available in 1 Tonne and 25KG bags

Rebuild the soil with essential trace elements and enjoy the rewards!The Mineral Fertiliser Company (MFC) is now providing our excellent SUPERMIN® product in convenient 1 Tonne and 25kg bags.If you haven’t used SUPERMIN® previously, this option will provide the perfect opportunity to give it a go!SUPERMIN® is easily stored and applied to pasture before or […]

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Great Soil Doesn’t Just Happen

Farm Weekly – EditorialSOIL is the mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and the myriad of organisms that together support plant life.It is a medium for plant growth, a means of water storage, a supply and purification, a modifier of the atmosphere of earth and is a habitat for organisms that take part in […]

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Reboot Your Soils After Record Yields

Farm Weekly – EditorialA GLOBALLY unique natural trace and beneficial element deposit located in Ravensthorpe may be the answer to soil nutrient needs after the drain of previous season’s record yields.The Mineral Fertiliser Company (MFC) provides bulk mineral supplements for large-scale operations throughout the State from its Ravensthorpe base.Originating on the site of the Elverdton […]

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