Elverdton Mineral Fertiliser Project

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The GLOBALLY unique natural trace and beneficial element deposit located in Ravensthorpe may be the answer to soil nutrient needs after the drain of previous season’s record yields. The Mineral Fertiliser Company (MFC) provides bulk mineral supplements for large-scale operations throughout the State from its Ravensthorpe base.

Originating on the site of the Elverdton copper mine, which closed in 1971 due to low copper prices, the mineral laden depositwas reinvigorated in 1996 by Gale and Mark Williams, who realised its incredible potential for agriculture as a mineral fertiliser.

Historically mined for metal production, of copper rich fertiliser, and gold, it was unknown until recent years of the rare mineralisation of the mine resource.

Geologists confirmed the mineralisation of Elverdton copper mine occurs in granitic and volcanic rocks of Archaean age, a deposit abundant in essential and trace elements unique to Western Australia.

As a result, the mineral abundant deposit environmentally recycled by MFC is certified free of heavy metals.

In fact, MFC products are certified organic under Australian standards, and is also carbon neutral. (Zero Carbon footprint)

The mine now supplies producers throughout the State with Supermin® mineral fertiliser, delivering a specific mix of essential elements to soils, including magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, sulphur, phosphorus, potassium, silica, boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium, and nickel.

A road train being loaded at the Elverdton mine site.

A road train being loaded at the Elverdton mine site.

After a season of huge yields, soil reserves of essential minerals may have been depleted giving cause for a top-up to maintain optimum productivity in the coming year.

For the nutrient elements taken up by harvest, the lawof the minimum that the yield of the plant is limited by a deficiency of any one nutrient even though all others are in adequate supply, popularised by German chemist Justus von Leibig,was a major step in helping to understand the effects of nutrients on plant growth and the need for mineral applications.

The company also supplies Super-min® to a major fertiliser company, a Perth based home garden and new homes companies as well as producing a line of products for home gardeners.
In total, the Supermin® mix naturally provides a plethora of over 20 minerals.



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