Remineralise to Regenerate with Super-Min

The globally unique natural trace and beneficial mineral nutrient deposit at Ravensthorpe is the answer to soil nutrient needs.

Farm Weekly – Editorial Excerpt

YEARS of soil mining, intensive monoculture and industrial animal practice have resulted in food that many educated consumers here, and much of the developed world beyond Australia’s shores, regard with suspicion.
Citizens all over the world are in open revolt against bizarre and astonishingly misguided agricultural expert’s alterations of the global food supply – corporations bent on twisting the basis of life to keep the high input, intensive monoculture show on the road.

“Insects and diseases are the symptoms of a failing crop not the cause of it”, said renowned holistic
scientist William Albrecht.

Build your soil rather than mine it, avoiding the imbalance of nutrients caused by excessive plant feeding.
Scientific farmers feed the soil instead of the plant, knowing that plants grown in soil containing the proper balance of minerals, enzymes, microbes and beneficial species will grow to maturity with stable cell structure and natural protection.

Benefits of Super-Min®

  • Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, sulphur, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, boron, cobalt, nickel, sodium, molybdenum, chlorine, lanthanum, silicon, cerium, titanium and zinc.
  • Provides slow, natural release of mineral nutrients and trace minerals. Increases the nutrient intake of plants.
  • Increases yields and gives higher brix reading.
  • Helps to rebalance soil pH.
  • Increases the growth of microorganisms.
  • Increases the storage capacity of the soil.
  • Increases resistance to insects, disease, frost and drought.
  • Produces more nutritious crops.
  • Decreases the dependence on fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • Will also keep the bank manager happy and a happy wife/partner as well.

Use the geological nutrient rich Super-Min®, at a low-cost base and locally available, for advancing agricultural development by building soil, rather than mining it, and avoiding the imbalance of nutrients.

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