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Increase Crop Yields and Pasture Growth

Farm Weekly – Editorial ExcerptThroughout history, civilisations have prospered or declined as a function of the availability and productivity of their soils.Micro-nutrients are required in very small amounts but are essential to plant health in that most are required parts of some enzyme system which speeds up plants’ metabolisms.The micro-nutrients essential for plant life in their […]

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Essential Elements – Designation

Seventeen elements are considered to have met the criteria for designation as plant nutrients. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are derived from air or water. The other 14 are obtained from soil or nutrient solutions. It is difficult to assign a precise date or a specific researcher to the discovery of the essentialiality of an element. […]

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Plant Nutrition and Trace Elements

THE ELEMENTS OF COMPLETE PLANT NUTRITIONThe following is a brief guideline of the role of essential and beneficial mineral nutrients that are crucial for growth. Eliminate any one of these elements, and plants will display abnormalities of growth, deficiency symptoms, or may not reproduce normally.MicronutrientsIron is necessary for many enzyme functions and as a catalyst […]

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Reboot Your Soils After Record Yields

Farm Weekly – EditorialA GLOBALLY unique natural trace and beneficial element deposit located in Ravensthorpe may be the answer to soil nutrient needs after the drain of previous season’s record yields.The Mineral Fertiliser Company (MFC) provides bulk mineral supplements for large-scale operations throughout the State from its Ravensthorpe base.Originating on the site of the Elverdton […]

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