SUPERMIN® is now available in 1 Tonne and 25KG bags

Rebuild the soil with essential trace elements and enjoy the rewards!

The Mineral Fertiliser Company (MFC) is now providing our excellent SUPERMIN® product in convenient 1 Tonne and 25kg bags.

If you haven't used SUPERMIN® previously, this option will provide the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

SUPERMIN® is easily stored and applied to pasture before or after seeding has taken place, eliminating many of the safety procedures usually required when undertaking these tasks with chemical products.

SUPERMIN® provides a nutrient rich formula for sustained and effective results year after year.

Make the change to SUPERMIN® mineral fertiliser and replenish your soil with a proven product used by leading primary producers across Western Australia.

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For order or sales enquiries please contact Mark Williams on +61 427 720 029 Or use the link to fill out the Contact form.

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